photo hand reading Tactile Graphic
Braille dots spelling Tactile Graphics

Featured Products

Two new items just entered the market that you probably want to check out. They are both available from Pheasantland Braille and Graphics (address below).

Braille Grid is a transparent page with 25 lines and 40 cells of simbraille dots, used for planning a graphic. Using dry erase markers, the graphic can be sketched on the grid showing space available for including labels. You can easily identify the line and cell number for each label, allowing you to braille the labels before the rest of the graphic is started. Planning the space needed for columns and rows on graphs and charts can be very quickly planned. This is a great time saver in planning a graphic.

Product # T-2001

The double sided Graphics Tooling Mat has two different surfaces for tooling on paper or on aluminum diagramming foil. One surface is slightly softer for tooling lines without perforating the paper or foil. The other side is harder for tooling very quiet lines, such as lead lines to labels. This mat’s density makes perfect lines using a wide variety of tools.